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Hello beautiful...

Thank YOU!

Hello Beautiful,

This Thanksgiving, we wanted to thank you! For being our biggest advocates, for inviting us into your lives, into your memorable moments, and for growing with us these 8 wonderful years.

We founded Salon Rushelle with the mission to create an elevated salon experience by raising the standard of service in the Beauty industry and in doing so, enabling all our guests to look and feel beautiful and confident.

As Salon Rushelle has grown, I have learned that the most meaningful moments are when you, our community, give back to one another- by complimenting each other on our social channels, by posting photo reviews and sharing stories and advice, by encouraging and inspiring your friends to shop small and by taking a chance with a new hair stylist at our salon. We have found that life is better lived as part of this giving community.

Now more than ever, we at Salon Rushelle are Thankful the diverse, spirited, smart, and fun-loving community of men and women that we get to serve as our customers. Thank you for doing your part in lifting up others, for supporting our mission, for giving out referrals, and Shopping Small. In honor of each of you, and in the spirit of lifting up others, we are going to be giving away Salon Experiences to men and women in need this Holiday Season.

Thank again you for you love and support. We hope you a beautiful Holiday season!


Salon Rushelle

Twirl by Rush

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