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#ForTheRealLtDans Challenge

Meet Nicole. Nicole has been a staple here at Salon Rushelle for four years now. Her beautiful smile, magnetic personality, and creative soul is what has made Nicole a house hold name here in Chelsea.

However, Nicole isn’t just a hairstylist she is an active philanthropist helping bring to light various charitable events meant to help those within our community. Throughout the years Nichole and Salon Rushelle have teamed up together to help raise money for various local charities. Such as PMTS4Change, SRLY, ST. LOUIS CENTER, PINK OUT LOUD, etc.

Back this past May Nichole helped launch RED SHIRT FRIDAY’s in which Salon Rushelle joined thousands of business from across the nation, to honor our troops by setting aside a day once a month for all military personnel to receive discounted or free services.

“The idea of joining up with RED shirt Fridays came to me because of my brother, who is currently serving in the military. He was preparing to deploy and was making arrangements for my niece to come stay with me. He’s a single dad and she is only 4, so leaving was going to be very hard for him. I wanted to find a way for us to start giving back and RED shirt Friday’s seemed like a perfect outlet. A lot of people don't know the extraordinary sacrifice and service of certain people. And when these kinds of things are highlighted through a campaign like this, I think it gives incentive to other people in our community to start giving back as well" explains Nicole.

Seeing what a success that RED SHIRT FRIDAYs was, Nicole and Salon Rushelle wanted to discuss different philanthropic events that focused on military and first-responder support.

Being a first respondent's wife and a fire victim herself, Nicole knows full well how indispensable first responders are to maintaining the safety of our communities. Five years ago while her husband Roger a local Firefighter was on the job, and Nicole and their children slept, their home caught on fire. Roger and his fellow firefighters made it just in time to watch as the house collapsed, succumbing to the flames. Luckily Nicole and their children managed to escape out the back, thanks to their faithful dog who woke Nicole with his barks. While everyone was safe from harm, they stood and watch as everything they owned was destroyed by the fire.

"I have been on the scene for many fires, some of the devastation i have witnessed will forever stay with me. You never get over carrying a lifeless little body out of a house. It's the kind of stuff that will bring grown men to weep like babies. But I now have a new perspective to carry with me. A deeper understanding. When I arrived on the scene of my own home and watched as it collapsed, I didn't know my family was out and safe. I just stood there wracked with horror and disbelief. I think being in those shoes have made me a better firefighter. I know exactly how each victim feels. I thank God everyday that my family was safe, but I also thank God that I now have an even greater sense of respect and empathy for victims I meet" said Roger.


With Nicole and Roger's story in mind Salon Rushelle decided to joined up with the Gary Sinise Foundation in a campaign called #ForTheRealLtDans Challenge. The Gary Sinise Foundation recognizes and supports America’s firefighters, police, and EMTs through its First Responders Outreach program. By providing equipment and training, the Foundation is ensuring these heroes perform to the best of their abilities.

Starting August 1st, 2016 and running till September 30th, 2016, Salon Rushelle will be donating 10% of all its proceeds to #ForTheRealLtDans Challenge. In addition, we have created a donation foundation page which allows you to help spread the word to your network of friends and family, about the Gary Sinise Foundation’s important work. Let’s join together and show our gratitude to our nation’s defenders.

Click here for the link to find our #ForTheRealLtDans Challenge page for more information about how to donate or join the Challenge yourself.

Additionally, starting immediately, Salon Rushelle has chosen to Honor our Heroes by giving all Service Men and First Responders 50% off all services and 25% off for their immediate families, for all services rendered here at Salon Rushelle in both Chelsea and Brooklyn. We thank you for your service and we honor the role you play in keeping our community and family safe.



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