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Living the Dream

Happy Saturday!

It’s been a few weeks but SO much has happened since the last blog post… To start with Nicole and I got the chance to work with Fox Sports hosts for NASCAR, where we got to meet some pretty cool race legends and sports personalities, such as Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kenny Wallace, Adam Alexander, Micheal Waltrip, Jeff Gordon, Larry McReynolds, Mike Joy, Chris Myers and of course the ever so beautiful and gracious Danielle Trotta. Everyone was super gracious and helpful it was truly an amazing opportunity for Nicole and I, and we look forward to working again with Fox this coming fall.

Next Brooklyn held it's Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting blowout, this past Thursday and SR really blew out Brooklyn. With free beer, good music, and fun give-a-ways, Salon Rushelle was showing Brooklyn how excited we are to be apart of this fun loving community.

It’s been crazy exciting to say the least and I could not be prouder! My favorite part about all the fun and exciting things happening at Salon Rushelle is getting to see our Dream Team in action. As an owner a lot of my job keeps me busy with paperwork, networking, and working hard to open doors for our amazing team. Getting to work with each of them on a more one on one basis has allowed me to get to know the heart of each of these amazing girls. Their integrity, professionalism, drive, commitment, and Team work, is truly what make Salon Rushelle a success! They are truly the MAGIC of Salon Rushelle. From the bottom of my Heart, THANK YOU... Christopher, Nicole, Stacy, Sarah, Shoshana, Bri, Courtney, Rachel, Michelle, Kara, Kristine, and Casey. You are truly the best!



Stay tuned for our next blog featuring Nicole and the big event we have been working months to bring to fruition, as our way to say thank you to all the fireman and women who support our communities.

Twirl by Rush

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