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Tip Tuesday: Blonde Hair, Dark Brows

Trend Alert! Beauty Look We Love: Blonde Hair, Dark Brows Monochromatic color may be a bold fashion statement, but sometimes, contrast is cooler — like when it comes to brows and hair. Uniting the two creates texture and frames your face. After all, who says matchy-matchy should be the rule? The blonde-hair-dark-eyebrows look “has become more and more in demand now, because brows have become such a statement accessory to the face," says eyebrow master Kristie Streicher of Striiike in Los Angeles. "It’s all about brows, and wearing them as bold in color and as full as possible.” Why mismatch, you ask? We've got the answer... When you match your brows to your hair color, the look is very natural and quite soft,” says Streicher. Contrasting is a confidence-boosting alternative: Whether it's slight or drastic is up to you. “Wearing your brows much darker with platinum hair, for example, is a look that is meant to be deliberate and edgy — not natural,” says Streicher. Bumble and Bumble colorist extraordinaire Mai says it “creates a bold look to make your eyes pop. Eyebrows are the frames for your eyes, and people are drawn immediately to this place as a point of reference. When you match your brows to your hair, it’s possible to end up with a washed-out look.” To be clear, this look's not limited to blondes. Try it for yourself, take it slow. To find the right contrast for you, experiment with a color slightly darker than your hair shade, and build from there. Our team of Stylists and Makeup Artists pride themselves on staying up to date in this ever-changing Industry's most current trends. This look has proven to be a Salon favorite! Call today to reserve your seat!#trendalert #salonrushelle #paulmitchellfocussalon *Photo Credit: FOREVER21 *Article Inspiration & Quotes Provided By: Sara Larson,

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