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Brooklyn is Open!

I’m so incredibly proud of our team and the company we have all built together and together we are proud to announce that our long awaited Brooklyn Salon located at 106 S Main, is officially open! Yay! It’s mind-blowing and so humbling to be standing here today with 2 beautiful salons, an amazing Salon Team, and the best most supportive guests we could ever ask for. We’ve truly come so far since our very first space Grass Lake.

I hope you love the new salon just as much as I do. For our Brooklyn Salon we wanted the space to represent my personality and taste. So with that in mind we chose to blend a mixture of vintage rustic touches, with the clean sleek lines of what you have come to know as staples in our Chelsea Salon. Go ahead check it out...

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to seeing you at our Brooklyn Location!



Twirl by Rush

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