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Looking for longer, more colorful or voluminous hair? Adding extensions can be just the answer you are looking for and here at Salon Rushelle we partnered with and are certified extension specialist with Aqua Hair Extensions. Our hair extensions, are made with 100% Remy hair, with over 40 beautiful and vibrant shades to match your natural color or to add highlights to impact  your hair design. Here at Salon Rushelle we offer the full range of professional extension application: Tape-In, Cylinder, Karatin Fusion and Clip-in extensions.

The most common questions asked by new extension clients are “What does the initial service cost?” and “What does maintenance cost?” (Modern Salon Hair+Research 2017), and rightfully so- after all, for such a pricey investment, people are going to want to know what they are signing up for. Below we aim to help give you an better understanding of the various kinds of extensions we offer and your extension investment, however a complete consultation will be required prior to your initial application to determine your exact investment.

CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS                                                              $200

Wanting our hair to be better, longer, more colorful and more voluminous is always on our minds. Thankfully our hair can have human clip in hair extensions that will perfect the look that we are dying to have. With our remy hair clip in extensions, you can have the quality of great hair with the economy of doing it whenever you want.

TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS                                                              Price Varies

One of the hottest trends right now is tape-in hair extensions. Naturally, as is with all of our products, our tape-in extensions are 100% Remy human hair and cuticle intact so that you have the highest quality product. Tape-ins are the most requested for many of reasons- they last for 6-8 weeks, the hair can be reused up to 3 times, and usually the application can be done in less than 1 hour. Making them one of the most affordable options. That being said, the price of the entire initial service can range depending on the length of the hair, amount of packs used and stylist service fee.

On average for a full head, the client will need four packs of tape- in extensions. The cost of Hair will range from $250 to $500 plus $150 application fee.

Removal & Re-tab fee- $200

CYLINDER HAIR EXTENSIONS                                                  Price Varies

The cylinder system is a new system that is a hybrid similar to that of a “tape in” system. Without the use of glue or chemicals, our unique Duratip system allows for hair to be applied into these micro cylinders. The installation of I-Tip hair extensions is extremely quick! Micro beads are clamped using stainless steel pliers to securely attach each strand. Our micro cylinder hair extensions used with 100% Remy human hair, can last up to 6 weeks, and can be reused 3-4 times.

As always, the cost will depend on how much length or volume desired, and how much time it takes to install them.


For length, about 5-6 bundles $300-$600

For volume 1-2 bundles $100-$150

Service Fee $300

KERATIN FUSION HAIR EXTENSIONS                                    Prices Vary 


Our Keratin Hair Extensions our most requested type of extensions. Keratin Hair Extensions are perfectly fused when using our keratin fusion gun and Italian keratin bond. This strand-by-strand system applies with the use of melting the keratin bond with a fusion gun on to the client’s hair.

Due to this method being the most long lasting (up to 6 months), and time-consuming to apply (they can take a few hours to install and remove) they tend to be the most expensive. Unlike our other extensions, Keratin Fusion Extensions cannot be reused.


The cost will depend on how much length or volume desired, and how much time it takes to install them.


For length and Volume, about 6-8 bundles $300-$600

For volume 3-4 bundles $100-$150

Service Fee $500


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