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Continued Education

Below you will find all the support materials you will need for all of our Paul Mitchell® class. Divided by class type, each tab below will hold tip cards, videos and required resources for each class. ***this is confidential information that is trademarked by Paul Mitchell, the information below is given only to it's educators, some of the classes and materials have not been released to the public yet, as part of your employment with Salon Rushelle you will be given assess to this information. If at any time this information is given out with out the explicit approval of Paul Mitchell or the owners of Salon Rushelle, your employment will be terminated  and you may face crimial charges from Paul Mitchell. 

Up Coming Events

Color Classes

 Click here for all color class formats, power points, tip cards, diagrams and videos.

Duration: 90 minutes

Stephanie Brinkerhoff, the bridal expert, shares tips and techniques on how to create beautiful bridal hair and updo designs with fine and thick textured hair.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
• How to help clients choose the best bridal style for their hair type
• Tips on getting the most volume possible with fine hair
• How to manage and pin up very thick hair
• Ways to create balanced updos on any hair type
• Two bridal hairstyle step-by-steps - one on fine hair and one on thick hair

Click here to watch

On Demand Educational Videos

Duration: 90 minutes

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist Nancy Braun inspires the biggest Balayage trends and helps hairdressers create the most on-trend looks. The Face Shape Contouring phenomenon has been impossible to ignore. In makeup, the biggest beauty trend is creating a global buzz, and now it’s time for the art of Contouring to make its way to hair.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

• How Face Shape Contouring translates to hair color design.

• How to design Balayage placement for clients using the Face Shape Contouring method.

• Two of Nancy’s exclusive Step-by-Step Balayage Techniques to create on-trend color services.

• Tips on how to become a master at Face Shape Contouring with Balayage

Available Sept 1-8 SR Team Only

Duration: 90 minutes

You’ll learn:

•Rebecca’s signature, 2 part Step-by-Step Valayage technique
• How to safely and effectively pre-lighten to the appropriate level of lift
• Mixing & creating shades to elevate your fashion color service from “dull to dynamic”
• Rinsing multiple shades without transfer or color ‘bleeding’
• How to maintain color longevity with at-home care tips and tricks

Available Sept 8th -16th SR team only

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